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Strengths Profile


Strengths Profile is a powerful coaching tool which reveals your coachee’s unique makeup of realised strengths, unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses. Become a strengths coach and guide your clients to success every time.

Strengths-based coaching helps people set the goals that are right for their strengths and mitigates weaknesses

Why coach with Strengths Profile?

Strengths Profile is a holistic coaching tool that will help you to bring out the best in others by giving them the language, confidence and action plan to achieve their life or career goals. Help them to unlock their hidden potential with their unrealised strengths and prevent burnout by limiting their learned behaviours and weaknesses.

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  • Strengthen your business

    Strengths Profile is a scientifically robust tool that is scalable by providing tools and resources for you to embed strengths with your clients

  • Strengthen yourself

    With Accreditations and Toolkits, there is lots of help on hand to become an independent strengths expert at your own pace

  • Strengthen your clients

    Revealing four holistic categories helps reveal potential, set a clear development path, and steer your clients towards actions that make a difference to them personally and professionally

How do I use Strengths?

  1. Become a Strengths Coach

    Learn more about the strengths approach and help people achieve success by focusing on what they love to do through their unique strengths

  2. Coaching teams

    Help teams communicate and perform better by recognising and developing their individual and collective strengths with our practical team tools

Download the sample 'Coaching Toolkit' for more ways

Strengths Packages

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Learn more about individual products

Online Accreditation

Complete the online Strengths Profile Accreditation Programme to give you the theory and best practice to get the most from your coaching conversations. It will give you the confidence, with plenty of practice, to coach with Strengths Profile’s 60 strengths and develop individuals within each of the 4 categories. The final session is a live coaching session with a Capp strengths coach.

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Expert Profile

The Expert Profiles provide richer strengths coaching and deeper strengths development. It reveals all 60 strengths and where they feature within the realised and unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses. It also identifies Strengths Families to help you identify patterns in your coachee’s strengths. The Expert Profiles are used to form the Team Expert Profile.

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Coaching Toolkit

With 18 strengths conversations ready for you to use, the Coaching Toolkit will help you to apply strengths with your coachees in any situation. It includes focused topics around the popular areas of improving Confidence, Wellbeing, Leadership and Careers.

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Team Profile

The Team Expert Profile reveals the combined data across each team member's Expert Profile. It reveals all 60 strengths within the team across the realised and unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses, and includes the Strengths Families. Use to help teams understand their greatest areas for success and any potential areas to address.

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Team Toolkit

Facilitate your own team development session to help team members share and apply their strengths with our Facilitator Guide and workshop slides. Features 30+ exercises that focus on individual and team strengths, so you can put together a bespoke workshop to suit your team. Topics include self-awareness, goal focus, team SWOT and overcoming challenges.

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More ways to use Strengths

To provide your coachees with more resources, enable managers to adopt the strengths approach in their management, and support organisations to build a strengths-based culture, read on.

  • Individuals

    Start your strengths journey with our Strengths Profile, and work your way through the SELF Model and book to reveal and develop your passions further.

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  • Teams

    Get the best from your team members by developing what people already do well and love to do. Use our Team Manager Profiles and Toolkits for advice and tips on being a strengths-based manager.

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  • Organisations

    Develop a culture in your organisation where people can't wait to come to work. Our Profiles, Toolkits, and Training will teach you to embed a culture of success and engagement in your organisation.

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  • Careers

    Enable students to be their Best SELF by helping them to recognise and develop their strengths and tell their authentic story to support their future career.

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How Strengths have helped my coachees

Colleen Boselli
Principal, Strengths Catalyst Partners

Discovering Strengths Profile changed my life. For more than nine years I have worked with Strengths Profile practically every day, bringing it into my coaching and development work with individuals and with teams. It has not only spurred my own growth and development as a person and a professional, but it has enabled me to effectively support the authenticity of thousands of people. I work with Strengths Profile almost to the exclusion of all other business tools. It is sophisticated, intelligent and simply more useful than other tools I have tried. It can help anyone – young or old, any culture or situation – deepen their self-awareness and overcome obstacles.

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