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Strengths Profile

The Strengths Profile Book

The Strengths Profile Book

About The Book

Capp's CEO Alex Linley and Trudy Bateman, Head of Strengths Profile, share their expertise and practical application of strengths with this second edition of The Strengths Book.

Strengths help you be your authentic Best SELF by understanding what you can do and love to do.

Years of research, thousands of interviews and consulting with hundreds of companies globally make Capp The Strengths Experts.

We know that using your strengths helps achieve a happier, productive and more rewarding life.

The Strengths Profile Book reveals all 60 strengths from our online strengths tool. We take you on a journey to discover your strengths, and give you the language to talk about and share them.

With insights and practical suggestions, we help you develop and apply your strengths in practice. Understand and use your strengths to achieve your goals and get results. Wake up every day excited about what you will achieve.

Who Should Use It?

Bring your team development sessions to life with our Strengths Profile Cards, featuring the 60 strengths and action advice relevant to the 4 Quadrant categories, as well as suggested games.

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The Strengths Profile Book

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Strengths has come up in my work so I wanted to get my head around using them more at work and at home if possible! The detail in the book and the strengths within it was more than I expected. The book has given me a good understanding of how to use strengths generally. I even got some tips as a parent. It made me think about my Profile in more detail. I particularly liked the practical suggestions for each strength. I’ve gained more of an insight into my Strength self-awareness strength and why I behave and do things in a certain way. The layout of the book is easy for reading and understanding yet very in-depth.

Student / Care Worker

Case Studies

  • Thomas Reuters logo

    Developing over 500 women to utilise their unique talents to support personal and career goals

  • The Warwick University logo

    Training the Student Careers team to increase self-awareness and interview and CV confidence

  • Practitioner Colleen shares her insights into strengths coaching and top tips

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  • Using our strengths enables us to enjoy endless benefits such as increasing our performance, goal achievement, happiness and confidence – and the list goes on. Be honest though, have you ever overplayed one of your strengths?

  • Building Confidence With Strengths

    Many of us will have heard people credit their sense of self-confidence as the key ingredient to their success and accomplishments.

  • Making an impact in our careers is a common desire.

  • We are delighted to have launched our new edition of The Strengths Profile Book.


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