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Talent is wasted everyday by people not knowing what their strengths are or how to put them to work. Strengths Profile helps you to embed a culture where your people, teams and managers work together to appreciate and bring out the best in everyone.

Strengths-based work cultures see an increase in sales, profit, and customer engagement.
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Why should we invest in Strengths?

98% of people want their employers to recognise their strengths, so the strengths approach benefits both your people and your business.People who use their strengths are more confident, more engaged at work, perform better and are more likely to achieve their goals. When your people know what they do well and enjoy doing it’s a win-win for them and your business. Don’t let hidden talent go to waste, unleash your employee's potential. ​

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  • Strengthen success

    When people and teams understand their strengths, they know what to work on and when, and what to get support on

  • Strengthen leadership

    A good leader builds a good team – help your leaders to develop their own and others' strengths to build trust and collaboration

  • Strengthen engagement

    Those who use their strengths at work are six times more engaged – help your people get to do what they love

How to adopt a Strengths Culture

  1. Strengthen your experts

    Build a group of strengths champions in your organisation with our training so they can confidently embed the positive culture‚Äč

  2. Strengthen your people

    Empower each employee to know and understand how to develop their strengths

  3. Strengthen your leaders

    Use our Toolkits to run coaching and workshops so everyone can learn about their Profile and how to put their strengths to work

  4. Strengthen your teams

    Run team building workshops so everyone can learn about their strengths and how to put these to work in their team

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1. Strengthen your Experts

By building a group of strengths champions in your organisation, you will be enabling experts to be on hand to build a positive culture for your individuals, teams and managers. It’s important that everyone in your business gets to play to their strengths, not just your top talent, so we’ve built the tools and resources to make this an easy and positive experience for your experts. Choose the Level 2 Accreditation and progress to the Master Programme. Both can be delivered online on-demand or in-person.

Online Accreditation
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Master Programme
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2. Strengthen your people

When everyone in your organisation knows what their strengths are, transformation can happen. The language changes as conversation shifts to what your people love to do and they are keen to share their success stories and strengths journeys. Our Profiles are holistic and reveal every person’s uniqueness by uncovering their realised and unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses. They can also include an optional Career Guide to provide future career focus. With your experts, help your people to maximise their results by debriefing their Profile or bring them together in self-awareness workshops.

3. Strengthen your managers

After individuals and teams know their strengths, the final step is to ensure managers are enabled to sustain the engagement. It’s important they keep up the great work carried out by having informal and formal conversations about strengths and consider how they might delegate and set goals and tasks on this knowledge. Profiles can include our optional Career Guide helping future role conversations. Our Team Manager Profile is easy to use and gets to the point, giving direct advice on developing and applying each team member’s top 2 realised and unrealised strengths. Our Manager Toolkit gives templates and advice on being a strengths-based manager.

4. Strengthen your teams

There are two steps to strengthening teams. Firstly, team members need to share their individual strengths with each other. They need to know what motivates their colleagues and what they may need support on. Next, comes understanding what the collective realised and unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses of the team are. This will help your experts increase performance and unlock talent by understanding more about the team’s successes, future potential, and areas to address.

Everyone needs to know their Strengths​

Join over 1 million people already being their Best SELF with Strengths Profile​

  • Individuals

    Struggling with finding happiness and success? Make better life decisions by knowing what you do well and love to do. Find out the careers that match your strengths to make energising choices about your future.​

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  • Coaches

    Searching for a tool that unleashes people’s passion, potential and energy? Become an expert strengths coach and facilitator with our Profiles, Toolkits, Accreditation and Training programmes.​

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  • Careers

    Wondering how to help students to develop confidence and career readiness they are excited and motivated about? Help them tell their authentic story to support their future choices and reveal the careers that match their strengths.​

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Success Stories of Strengths Adopters

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