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Level 1


The Strengthener Programme gives an overview of the coaching principles and best practice of Strengths Profile. It’s an ideal refresher for people who are already accredited or a taster and introduction into the Level 2 Accreditation Programme.

Strengthener (LEVEL 1)

Who should use it?

Accredited Practitioners as a refresher programme to Strengths Profile - you’ll receive 50% discount for your own use

Coaches, HR professionals and managers wanting a taster into the full Accreditation Programme or introduction into strengths coaching and best practice

Groups who want to come together and learn more about strengths coaching conversations and application

What's Included:

  • 3 hours of learning – delivered individually on-demand, as a virtual group workshop or an in-person group workshop
  • 3 Expert Strengths Profiles per person
  • 1 Strengthener Workbook
  • 15% Discount on future Online Accreditation (redeem within 12 months)
  • Certificate

What will I learn?

  • An understanding of the Strengths Profile approach
  • How to use the Strengths Profile Model of Development for coaching
  • Best practice considerations and Profile interpretation
  • How to use the Career Guide and our further resources

If you're a new coach to Strengths Profile try the Expert Profile for free


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I have used a number of different tools and methodologies over my 15+ years in HR, and nothing compares to the Strengths Profile tool. The insight it provides individuals is truly life-changing and inspires action in clients all of the time. Clients are blown away by the accuracy of the report and useful coaching tips. I love that it can be used for a number of scenarios ranging from career development, leadership, performance, confidence and wellbeing. I will always use Strengths Profile to commence any coaching program to bring out an individual's BEST self. Thank you for sharing this tool with the world.

Susan Fedorczyk
Founder IKIGAI px (Career, Performance & Wellness Consultant)

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