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Level 3 Master Accreditation


Become a certified Master Strengths Profile coach and learn how to apply our world-leading Strengths Profile tool in every area of your coaching and talent development.

Strengths Profile Master (LEVEL 3) Accreditation

Looking for ways to improve productivity, engagement, and leadership within your organisation, or maybe you're a coach aiming to maximize your clients' potential? The Level 3 Master Accreditation Programme will equip you with the knowledge to be confident and lead strengths conversations at every level of your own organisation or your clients' organisations.

Who should use it?

HR professionals, consultants, managers, educators and coaches, who want to become a champion in the application of Strengths Profile.

What are the outcomes?

Whether you're purchasing for yourself, clients or people in your organisation, completing the Level 3 Master Accreditation will teach:

Coaches how to have powerful conversations about strengths at all levels with deeper expertise and tools on individual, team and manager coaching

Employers how to implement Strengths Profile across their organisation, improving engagement, retention and giving employees the tools to be their best every day

Managers how to have impactful strengths discussions with members of their team about performance and career development

Educators who want to develop their students' self-development and employability skills further and the tools to apply strengths within their own teams and management

What's Included:

  • 18 hours of learning including videos, assignments and a live assessment
  • 4 Toolkits included: Coaching, Team, Careers and Manager, worth £780
  • Access to downloadable training materials to use in workshops
  • 15% discount on Profiles following accreditation
  • Accreditation Certificate

Entry Requirements:

To complete the Level 3 Master Accreditation, it will be necessary to complete the Level 2 Accreditation in advance. We also offer bundle options for those looking to complete both levels. The training bundle can be found here.

Positive Impacts:

  • Increase efficiency of implementing Strengths Profile into your organisation or practice, for teams as well as individuals
  • Increase well-being and resilience within your people through a focus on bringing energy
  • Become self-sufficient in Strengths Profile and reap the benefits of boosted productivity and engagement
  • Cultivate positive leadership, motivation and wellbeing within your workplace

If you're a new coach to Strengths Profile try the Expert Profile for free


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Completing the Master Programme has helped me expand my career as now I can use Strengths Profile in so many different ways. The tools are amazing! There is a fantastic set of resources you can refer to whether you want to run a team session, coach someone around their career or help someone with their confidence. It gave me so much confidence as a coach which means I can make a real difference for my clients. I would highly recommend the Master Programme as it will give you a much deeper level of knowledge and widen the way in which you use strengths. I also love the fact that it is online and I could do this in my own time. The videos are fun and interesting to follow and it’s a really enjoyable process.

Karen Sargent
Work Joyful

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