Become a Strengths Profile Practitioner

Strengths Training and Accreditation

Our training and accreditation programmes give you the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to support your employees, clients or students with our unique strengths approach. Help develop others to be their Best SELF by becoming an expert in Strengths Profile.

Benefits of Strengths Profile training and accreditation

Improve performance, results and wellbeing by embedding a strengths culture in your people and organisation through effective strengths coaching and facilitation

  • Flexibility icon

    Flexible training programmes

    Easy to use programmes that you can complete in your own time, at your own pace, online or if you prefer, in-person

  • Progress icon

    Progress your coaching expertise

    Enrich your knowledge and become an expert in our world-leading Strengths Profile tool

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    Develop your own strengths

    Make a positive impact on others' careers and use your new skills to develop your own strengths journey

Choose from the following

  1. Level 1 Strengthener badge

    Level 1 Strengthener Training


    Build your Strengths Profile foundations

    Ideal for: Those starting their strengths journey

    • 3 hours - online or in-person learning
    • 3 Expert Profiles
    • 1 Strengthener Workbook
    • 15% discount on Online Accreditation programme
    Learn More
  2. Level 2 Accreditation badge

    Level 2 Accreditation


    Become an Accredited Practitioner in Strengths Profile

    Ideal for: Those wishing to confidently strengths coach

    • 17 hours - online or in-person learning
    • 3 Expert Profiles
    • PDF of The Strengths Profile Book
    • 10% discount on Profiles upon completion
    Learn More
  3. Level 3 Master Accreditation badge

    Level 3 Master Accreditation


    Become a Master Practitioner of Strengths Profile

    Ideal for: Those wanting to build strengths cultures

    • 18 hours - online or in-person learning
    • 4 Toolkits included: Coaching, Team, Careers and Manager, worth £780
    • 15% discount on Profiles upon completion

    Entry Requirements: Completed Level 2 Accreditation

    Learn More
  4. Bundle display image of Level 2 and Level 3 Badge

    Level 2 and 3 Accreditation offer


    Save £345 with our Level 2 and Level 3 bundle offer

    Ideal for: Coaches and in-house practitioners new to strengths that can't wait to gain immediate expertise and tools.

    • 35 hours of online learning with 2 live video-based assessments
    • 3 Expert Profiles, 4 Toolkits, PDF of The Strengths Book
    • 10% and 15% discount upon completion
    • Certificates and workbooks

How is Strengths Profile different from other strengths tools?

  • Focuses on performance, energy and use, understanding what you are good at and love to do.
  • Emphasis on uniqueness, revealing up to 60 strengths, with users receiving a granular Profile that reflects true individualism.
  • Reveals 4 areas for results and action with our Strengths Profile Model of Development.
  • Unlocks untapped potential through revealing and developing your unrealised strengths with clear areas of direction.
  • Scientific rigor with an assessment developed by Chartered Psychologists, scientists and positive psychology experts.

Add Strengths Profile to your expertise portfolio today and reap the benefits for you and your people.

Success Stories of Strengths Adopters

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