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Increase new business and customer loyalty by adding our world-leading products and training to your product portfolio and services.

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Why partner with us?

Whether you’re looking for an impactful coaching tool as part of your development offering or want to educate people to understand careers they will love, Strengths Profile will be a valuable addition to your portfolio of products and services.

Developed by Psychologists, scientists and experts in positive psychology, the Strengths Profile product range reveals the unique strengths of individuals and teams. You can use this insight to develop and identify people’s potential, so that they not only love their career but are successful too.

  • Access and Education

    We upskill you, your people, and your clients with our portfolio of Profiles and training.

    You'll have exclusive access to our in-depth resources and interactive training materials.

  • Support

    We support you with access to our dedicated help desk and a dedicated account manager.

    Benefit from the use of our Strengths Profile branding.

  • Strengthen and Grow

    We help strengthen you and your business with exclusive use of our content and materials, supported by a marketing toolkit.

    We help you scale your business by offering discounted products.

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Sue Langley

CEO of Langley Group

We have partnered with Cappfinity and Strengths Profile since 2010 and love the way we work together.

SP is such a great tool for embedding a strengths-based approach into an organisation, lifting performance, supporting job crafting and individual development and wellbeing. As leaders in this space, we offer SP certifications and Master Training to support others to create positive ripples in their coaching and their organisations


Anne Hennessy

Director/Owner of Vitae Consulting

We have worked with Strengths Profile in a partnership capacity for over 5 years.

The interactions we have with the team are always positive. They are agile, responsive, and very supportive in response to any queries or challenges we come across. They are open to exploring how best to support their partners and we thoroughly enjoy working with the team.


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