What are your Strengths?

Be your Best SELF with Strengths Profile

We support organisations, educators, coaches, and individuals discover and develop what they do well and what they love to do, through our world-leading Strengths Profile tool and training.

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What are the benefits of knowing my strengths?​

A strength is something we perform well at, is energising and we do often – in summary, it’s our authentic self at our best. When we put our strengths to work, we are happier, more confident, and more able to achieve our goals. We feel motivated to do great work and become engaged and productive individuals, teams, and organisations. When we don’t know what our strengths are, we waste valuable time on things that drain us.​

  • Performance

    How well you perform when using these strengths

  • Energy

    How energised you are by using these strengths

  • Use

    How often you use these strengths

How is Strengths Profile different?​

There are 60 strengths in Strengths Profile meaning authentic results that feel just like you. We also reveal much more than your strengths! You will discover your realised strengths, unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses. We’ve been strengthening others for over 16 years and know it can be hard to take action sometimes, that’s why each Profile is packed full of practical advice. You’ll know how to describe your Best SELF, how to develop your future potential, career suggestions that match your strengths and what to delegate.​


    Realised Strengths

    Strengths you use and enjoy

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    Unrealised Strengths

    Strengths you don't use as often

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    Learned Behaviours

    Things you do well but may not enjoy

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    Things you find hard and don't enjoy

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I’m in, what do I do now?​

Knowing your strengths helps you to focus on the tasks you do well and enjoy, and the benefits are backed by research. It won't just benefit you, but the people, teams, and organisations you work with.

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  1. Complete the Assessment​

    Choose your Profile and find 15 mins to complete the strengths assessment​

  2. Share your Profile​

    Celebrate your strengths, share them and find complementary partners for success and enjoyment​

  3. Be Your Best SELF

    Use our resources to develop your strengths further, set yourself life and career goals

Everyone needs to know their Strengths​

Join over 1 million people already being their Best SELF with Strengths Profile​

  • Individuals

    Struggling with finding happiness and success? Make better life decisions by knowing what you do well and love to do. Find out the careers that match your strengths to make energising choices about your future.​

    Learn More Read Individuals Testimonials
  • Coaches

    Searching for a tool that unleashes people’s passion, potential and energy? Become an expert strengths coach and facilitator with our Profiles, Toolkits, Accreditation and Training programmes.​

    Learn More Read Coaches Testimonials
  • Organisations

    In need of a low-cost tool that encourages diversity and builds high performing teams? Our Profiles, Toolkits, and Training will teach you to embed a culture of success and engagement in your organisation. ​

    Learn More Read Organisations Testimonials
  • Careers

    Wondering how to help students to develop confidence and career readiness they are excited and motivated about? Help them tell their authentic story to support their future choices and reveal the careers that match their strengths.​

    Learn More Read Educators Testimonials

Strengths Profile helped me move into a new career

Charlotte BC
Sales Support Coordinator, Careers Review

Moving into a new career is always daunting, but Strengths Profile has really helped. It’s given me so much clarity on my strengths and helped me to appreciate qualities that ordinarily I wouldn’t have considered. The Career Guide also really helped me to acknowledge that my previous experience and skills don’t confine me to my current career path. It’s liberating to know that you really do have the capability to make the change which is astounding when I think of the difference the 20 minutes completing this tool will make to my future.​

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