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Strengths Profile


The Strengths Profile Accreditation is an online or two-day programme that enables you to learn how to get the best from your people through powerful strengths debriefs.

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What's Included:

  • Three Expert Strengths Profiles
  • Pack of Strengths Coaching Cards
  • Delegate Workbook and Certificate
  • 10% discount on all future Profiles on completion
  • The Strengths Profile Book

Who Should Use It?

Coaches who want to bring out the best in their coachees by developing their realised and unrealised strengths, and prevent potential burnout through minimising the impact of their learned behaviours and weaknesses.

Managers who want to unlock the talent in their team by coaching people around what they can do, can’t do, and enjoy doing.

Facilitators and practitioners who want to use the strengths approach to bring together groups and teams to increase self-awareness and improve their effectiveness and team working.

What Will I Learn?

  • A deeper understanding of the tool, its application, and the 60 strengths
  • Best practice in strengths coaching
  • How to unlock potential through our Strengths Model of Development
  • Receive feedback on your coaching and receive a strengths debrief
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Discovering Strengths Profile changed my life. For more than nine years I have worked with the tool practically every day, bringing it into my coaching and development work with individuals and with teams. It has not only spurred my own growth and development as a person and a professional, but it has enabled me to effectively support the authenticity of thousands of people. I work with Strengths Profile almost to the exclusion of all other business tools. It is sophisticated, intelligent and simply more useful than other tools I have tried. It can help anyone – young or old, any culture or situation – deepen their self-awareness and overcome obstacles

Colleen Boselli
Principal, Strengths Catalyst Partners

Online Accreditation

Consisting of 15 hours of online video learning, demonstrations, and assignments, with a final live video-based coaching session. Start at any time and learn at your own pace.

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In-Person Accreditation

Contact us about our two-day in-house programme that enables your practitioners to embed the culture of strengths in your organisations.

NEXT COURSE: 11th & 12th February - London

Case Studies

  • Enabling the ‘Building Strengths in Leaders’ programme to strengthen their clients and people

  • Practitioner Colleen shares her insights into strengths coaching and top tips

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    See why Vivid Homes chose Strengths Profile for their organisation building excercise.

Learn More

  • Using our strengths enables us to enjoy endless benefits such as increasing our performance, goal achievement, happiness and confidence – and the list goes on. Be honest though, have you ever overplayed one of your strengths?

  • Building Confidence With Strengths

    Many of us will have heard people credit their sense of self-confidence as the key ingredient to their success and accomplishments.

  • Making an impact in our careers is a common desire.

  • Strengthening people through your coaching and mentoring is what you do best but I wonder how often you vary the style and approach of your coaching and managing.


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