Strengths Profile


Online Accreditation

The Strengths Profile Online Accreditation is 50% off in July and August for individuals. Join thousands of practitioners strengthening others today


Strengths Career Guide

The Strengths Profile individual reports now include a free optional career sector guide helping you make future choices that are both successful and rewarding.


Career Development Toolkit

Now featuring 13 career conversations and workshop slides for your student development. Learn more including our recorded webinar on Preparing Students for a Successful Career.


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What is an accreditation

The Strengths Profile Accreditation is an online or two-day in-house training programme that gives you the best possible understanding of the Strengths Profile Tool, enabling you to boost your coaching career and give your coachees powerful strengths debriefs. 

Are you looking to be accredited in Strengths Profile? 

Take a look at our Accreditation page Here  for more information 




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