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Finding and accessing Profiles

What is the minimum age to complete a profile?

We would recommend Strengths Profile is used for anyone over the age of 16.

Anyone under the age of this may not have experienced the use of all 60 strengths. 

The Profile can be particularly helpful to guide people who are 16-18 on career options, as well as giving them confidence in their choices.

How do I access a Profile that has been sent to me via Shareable Code?

If you have been sent an email by your Organisation or Coach to complete a profile and it includes a Shareable Code. This could be to complete an Introductory, Expert or Leader Profile and will look like this

   Click on the Shareable Code and then Continue to Log In

   If you have previously registered on Strengths Profile, you can Log In and enter your Email Address and Password

   If you are new to Strengths Profile site, click Registration and complete the Registration Form

Note: the email address that you Register/Log in with must match the email address your organisation has specified

If not this will cause an error and you will NOT be able to access the profile sent to you


    When you have completed the form and Agree the Terms and Conditions, click Create an account

 •   You will then be sent directly into our Assessment to complete it.  

    Click Complete the Assessment (bottom of screen) to proceed.

Note: We recommend completing this in one sitting where possible. 

If you do have to leave mid assessment, to return simply click on the Accept Invite again in the email



How do I access a Profile that has been sent to me?

•  Check your email for your Invitation to complete a Profile. This maybe a Free Starter Profile, Introductory, Expert or Leader Profile.

For your reference the Invitation is sent from email

Your Invitation email will also specify which Profile type you have been sent

•  Click Accept Invitation and you will be direct to the Log in/Registration page

If you have previously registered for a Strengths Profile account, then you can proceed to Log In and enter your Email Address and Password and you will be sent directly to the assessment to complete

•  The email address that you Log in/Register with must match the email address used on the invitation  

If this does not match you will not be able to access the assessment and will see an error message

•  If this is the first time you have used Strengths Profile site, then please click Registration and complete the form

 •  When you have completed all of the above fields and agreed to our Terms and Conditions 

This is mandatory, the sign up for the strengths tips is optional. 

 •  Click Create an account and you will go directly to the Strengths Profile Assessment to complete

•  We recommend where possible that you do this in one sitting

If this is not possible, in order to return to the Assessment you can click the Accept Invitation link again in your Invitation email

Alternatively, if you no longer have your Invitation email, you can access your partially completed Assessment via the following steps

•  Log in to your Strengths Profile account 

•  Click the dropdown arrow next to Your Name (top right-hand corner) then select Dashboard

•   Scroll down the page to Profile Timeline

•   Click Continue Assessment under the relvant Profile icon and answer the remaining questions 


Are Profiles available in different languages?

All Profiles are currently available in UK English, US English, and Spanish.


We hope to add more languages in the near future.

I've completed my profile, how do I access the results?

•   Log in to your Strengths Profile account (if not already logged in)

•   Click your name (top right hand corner)

•   Click Dashboard

•   In the Dashboard the top section shows the information of the most current Profile you have completed

•   To download your Profile, click Download under the Profile icon to the left side of the section

On the right side of the section you have the Alternative Downloads dropdown menu where you can download items separately if you require.

If you have an Expert profile you can download Introductory profile version. If you have a Leader profile you can download an Expert or Introductory profile version. 

•   You also have the option to download Your Potential and Careers Guide separately from your Profile 


I have purchased a profile but cannot see where to complete it?

•   Log in to your account (if not already logged in)

•   Click your name (top right hand corner)

•   Click on Dashboard

•   Once in the Dashboard scroll down to Profile Timeline

•   Click Take A Profile

•   Select the Profile Type (Introductory, Expert or Leader) you wish to complete and you will go directly into the Assessment

Profile types displayed here will reflect your purchases from the Store