What would you do differently if you knew your strengths and which careers enabled you to use them? Strengths Profile reveals your realized and unrealized strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses for a more conscious career

Realizing what you can do and love to do will help you focus on achieving your rewarding and successful life goals.​

Why should I use Strengths?

Knowing when we use our strengths, research tells us we're happier, engaged, and more likely to achieve our goals. Knowing your strengths helps you to focus on the tasks you do well and enjoy, and the benefits are backed by research. It won't just benefit you, but the people, teams, and organizations you work with.

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  • Strengthen yourself

    By understanding what motivates you and why, you will be happier, more confident, and able to achieve your goals easier

  • Strengthen your work

    By doing more of what you love, you will be more engaged and perform better, and know where to focus your career with our sector suggestions.

  • Strengthen your relationships

    When you work on the right things with people and have the right conversations, relationships and interactions improve

I’m in, what do I do now?​

  1. Complete the Assessment​

    Choose your Profile and find 15 mins to complete the strengths assessment​

  2. Share your Profile​

    Celebrate your strengths, share them and find complementary partners for success and enjoyment​

  3. Be Your Best SELF

    Use our resources to develop your strengths further, set yourself life and career goals – then achieve them​

1. Understand Myself

Introductory Profile

Reveals your unique Quadrant Profile with up to 7 realized and unrealized strengths, 4 learned behaviours and 3 weaknesses. Profiles also include a Career Guide recommending job sectors for your strengths and action advice to release Your Potential using your unrealized strengths. Use the descriptions and tips to become self-aware and develop your strengths further, giving you the language and tools for a successful career.

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Excluding Career Guide
Including Career Guide

Expert Profile

For those who are keen self-developers, this Profile reveals all 60 strengths and where they feature for you within the 4 categories of realized and unrealized strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses. The Profile also identifies your personal patterns within the 5 Strengths Families, your strengths career guide recommendations and advice to release Your Potential.

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Get Samples:

Excluding Career Guide
Including Career Guide

Strengthener Programme

The Leader Profile offers action and support in Leading Yourself, Others and your Organisation within your unique 7 realised and unrealised strengths, 4 learned behaviours and 3 weaknesses. It offers development areas within your Strengths Families enabling you to recognise strengths patterns and be successful through being your best self.

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2. Coach Myself

The Strengths Profile Book

What you can do, can't do, and enjoy doing - and why it matters. The Strengths Book gives you language, coaching, questions, and development advice for each of the 60 strengths.

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3. Develop Myself

Your best self

The SELF Model gives you a step-by-step guide and additional resources to help you understand and make the most of your strengths to become the very best version of yourself. Be Your Best SELF today!

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Everyone needs to know their Strengths​

Join over 1 million people already being their Best SELF with Strengths Profile​

  • Coaches

    Searching for a tool that unleashes people’s passion, potential and energy? Become an expert strengths coach and facilitator with our Profiles, Toolkits, Accreditation and Training programs.​

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  • Organizations

    In need of a low-cost tool that encourages diversity and builds high performing teams? Our Profiles, Toolkits, and Training will teach you to embed a culture of success and engagement in your organization. ​

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  • Careers

    Wondering how to help students to develop confidence and career readiness they are excited and motivated about? Help them tell their authentic story to support their future choices and reveal the careers that match their strengths.​

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Success Stories of Strengths Adopters

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