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Strengths Team Development

What's Included:

Our Team Expert Profile, will reveal your Team's top 7 realized and unrealized strengths, 4 learned behaviors, 3 weaknesses and where all 60 strengths sit for the team across the 4 quadrants. You will also learn where the team strengths lie within the Strengths Families, which provide a framework that will help you understand the patterns of strengths in your Team Expert Profile.

Each team member must have a completed individual Expert Profiles to feature in a Team Expert Profile

Please Note: to generate the Team Profile, your team will need completed Expert Profiles

Who Should Use It?

Team Administrators, Coaches, Practitioners and Managers wanting to bring teams together to understand their collective strengths for better ways of working. In-house professionals wishing to embed a strengths-based culture in their organization by developing the greatness in their people.

What Will I Learn?

The Team Expert Profile will equip you with the understanding and knowledge of your team's collective strengths, enabling you to develop better ways of working together. You will be able to describe the team at their best with realized strengths, identify hidden talents and opportunities within the team with unrealized strengths and spot potential risks or areas of burnout for the team with learned behaviors and weaknesses.

You'll also be able to support the manager of the team with specific advice on developing his team member's top 2 realized and unrealized strengths through the Team Manager Profile that's included

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Team Profile

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The strengths session was extremely insightful. We are spending more time together as a group to continue this learning in order to support our strategy and keep the momentum going. Team members are frequently referring to their strengths when interacting with each other, and a level of openness has been achieved that is proving very useful both in day-to-day communication and pursuit of our longer-term goals.

Amy Hayward
Online Technology Group Business Manager, BBC

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