Team Manager Profile

Team Manager Profile

What's Included:

The Team Manager Profile will reveal to you the top 2 realized and top 2 unrealized strengths for each of your team member as well as tailored practical advice on managing and developing these strengths for great performance and success. You will also receive advice on managing learned behaviors and weaknesses within the team.

Must be used in conjunction with individual Introductory Profiles or Expert Profiles.

Who Should Use It?

Team Administrators, Coaches, Practitioners and Managers who want to have positive performance conversations and get the best from their teams by setting the right goals. Managers who want to personalize their development to suit the needs of individual team members.

What Will I Learn?

With each member's top two realized and unrealized strengths revealed, you can focus your development conversations for each person in one simple Profile. Offering tips and development advice on these four strengths, use the Profile to maximize enthusiasm and productivity in your one-to-ones and for focussed conversations. The Profile also offers general advice for managing learned behaviors and weaknesses in your people.

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Team Manager Profile

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It’s great to be able to utilize the tools in a proactive way. We have used strengths profiling to provide an overview of our supervisors and line managers, and it’s been a really useful tool for identifying key strengths and areas for development. We also used it to help with the selection of an equine coordinator to gain a better understanding of personal strengths and how they could use them effectively in their new role.

Nicky French
Centre Manager, The Donkey Sanctuary

Case Studies

  • Strengthening the BBC Online Technology Group by playing to their team strengths

  • Enabling the ‘Building Strengths in Leaders’ program to strengthen their clients and people

  • Sharing how strengths helped them achieve the ‘2018 Princess Royal Training Award’

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  • Accepting weaknesses

    We are often asked why did we call our weaknesses category in Strengths Profile as such and why not ‘growth opportunities’ or ‘development areas’.


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