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Looking to organise and support a group of people? Learn how

An Overview of Groups and Inviting People to Complete a Profile

We recommend using the Groups functionality wherever possible to file your Profiles and access them easily, as well as send out Profiles to multiple people.  It's also here you can access our Free Starter Profile, send these out, gain access and upgrade them.

You can create a group by clicking on groups in the left hand menu and 'Create Group'.

You can 'Manage your uses' by adding Profiles from your Product Balance into this group so you can send out Profiles

You can also copy a shareable code for either the Free, Introductory or Expert Profile from the group balance. You have unlimited access to the Free Starter Profile within a group setting. Simply copy and paste the shareable code into an email for multiple people.

You can 'Add Members' to groups, either by sending new Profiles to people or requesting permission to view and an existing Profile. Here you can add administrators to help monitor Profile completion


In the Overview you can monitor completions of the Free, Introductory or Expert Profiles, send reminders and view the Profiles


Finally, in the Multi Profile Options you can selected multi or all people and upgrade, unlock any withheld, grant access to the Career Guide and download Profiles



To rename a group, select Groups on the left hand menu and search for your group. Click on the Edit button above group details panel and enter new details for your group. Click Save button to confirm the changes.


To find out more on how to send out multiple profiles in detail, free or our Introductory or Expert Profiles visit here

How do I add an existing member to my group?

To add existing members to a group:-

  • Log in to your account and go into your Dashboard
  • Go into Groups on the left-hand menu and select an existing group by clicking on view
  • Click Add Members button 
  • You will then be able to choose Add New Members or Add Existing Invitations
  • Select the Add Existing Invitations button, then you can select the invitee/s from the list of your existing contacts within your dashboard.

Using the shareable code to invite multi users to your groups

A shareable code is a link that can be used to invite multiple users to your group through a more personalised email.

Once your users have accepted the invitation via email, they will become members of the group. Accepting the invitation means that users will assume one use of a given type of Free Starter, Introductory or Expert Profile from the group balance. Free Starter Profiles are unlimited for a group. Please be sure that group balance is topped up before sending shareable code to your invitees.

When using shareable code, the admin of the group can specify additional settings that include:

  • option to withhold Profile results for invited users
  • option to disable Career Guide section from Profile results
  • restrict email users allowed to use a shareable code by domain name

Administrators are able to rename a code to a more friendly name by using the Rename option. 


What is a group and how do I create one?

Group is collection of related users of Strengths Profile.

  • Groups can be created by any user of Strengths Profile who wish to manage and send out Profiles to others.
  • Groups provide an easy way to invite multiple people (through the shareable code) and easier filing of Profiles.
  • The user who creates a new group automatically becomes the first admin of that group and can invite others to help with group administration.

You can create a group to:-

  • Organise your Profiles into manageable size or relevant groups or teams, i.e. finance team, coaching workshop
  • You can set up a group to get a 'shareable code' so you can send out one code to multiple people - via your own email
  • Create a Team or Manager Profile from that particular group

To create a group:-

  • Go to the Group page by clicking on Manage your Groups or select Groups from the left-hand side menu
  • Click on the Create Group button
  • Follow the steps. Here you'll be asked to enter the name of your group, transfer uses into your group from your personal account and select members from previously known or new contacts to add into your group (you can choose to skip adding members if you wish to do this at a later date).


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