Personal Strengths Test

Introductory Profile

The first step in the Strengths Profile journey, understand yourself and others, what motivates you and what you do best.

Introductory Profile

Ideal for people on a self-discovery journey, looking to learn more about themselves and their motivations. Discover your strengths to improve your self-awareness and set and achieve your personal and professional goals.

If you've taken our FREE Starter Profile and want to reveal more insights about yourself, we recommend upgrading to the Introductory Profile.

Who Should Use It?

  • Individuals and students for increased self-awareness and career direction.
  • Managers wishing to understand and develop their people's strengths and increase performance.
  • Coaches wanted to unlock people's potential through life and career goals that energise them.
  • Educators wanting to get students career-ready by confidently sharing their strengths success stories.

What are the outcomes?

Receive an in-depth, downloadable report of your Introductory Strengths Profile, to reveal:

  • Your top 7 realised strengths
  • Your top 7 unrealised strengths
  • 4 learned behaviours
  • 3 weaknesses
  • Action advice to release Your Potential using your unrealised strengths
  • Plus, you'll gain access to an interactive Goals Planner

Postive Impacts:

  • Identify your uniqueness and how to grow and develop this even further.
  • Receive practical advice on how to use strengths and make action plans.
  • Discover what drains you and key weaknesses and use your strengths to compensate.
  • Gain insights into others' strengths to improve relationships and communications.
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Introductory Profile

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It’s great to be able to utilise the tools in a proactive way. We have used strengths profiling to provide an overview of our supervisors and line managers, and it’s been a really useful tool for identifying key strengths and areas for development. We also used it to help with the selection of an equine coordinator to gain a better understanding of personal strengths and how they could use them effectively in their new role.

Nicky French
Centre Manager, The Donkey Sanctuary

Case Studies

  • Strengthening the BBC Online Technology Group by playing to their team strengths

  • The Warwick University logo

    Training the Student Careers team to increase self-awareness and interview and CV confidence

  • Practitioner Colleen shares her insights into strengths coaching and top tips

Learn More

  • Explore your Strengths Profile

    You have your Strengths Profile at the ready and are now eager and excited to start making some action plans and do something rewarding with it.

  • Using the strengths language

    Strengths help us achieve our goals and to be successful, but they deliver so much more.

  • Building confidence with strengths

    Many of us will have heard people credit their sense of self-confidence as the key ingredient to their success and accomplishments.

  • How strengths help you achieve your goals

    Making an impact in our careers is a common desire.


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