Help article: Free Starter Profile

How to access the FSP for yourself and send to others

Who should take the Free Starter Profile?


For personal use
If you’re new to strengths, it’s the ideal way to start your self-awareness journey to expand your confidence and give you the language to explore what you love to do. You can choose to upgrade at any time to an Introductory or Expert Profile, if at all. Use the dictionary in the Profile to identify more strengths and use our Best SELF resources to guide your actions. Sign up to our webinar.


If you already have a Strengths Profile, you can also retake your assessment and receive the Free Starter Profile to check in on whether your key results have changed and what that means for you.


For coaches

Use the Starter Profile to introduce more clients to the strengths approach and your own strengths offering. Consider running webinars or workshops on strengths for those just starting out. Add strengths to your existing workshops on leadership, careers or wellbeing. If you are a coach working with organisations, move past budget constraints and get everyone talking about their strengths to embed the culture. Please note Phase 2, launching in Autumn, will give you full access to others’ Starter Profiles – for now it is individual access only.


For organisations

If you’re new to strengths, then it’s an ideal time to pilot the approach with your people. Help them use the language to improve the positive culture and appreciate what each other does best. Support employees to take ownership of their career and move more towards tasks they’ll enjoy.


If you already use SP, then why not consider how you can now expand your approach to what you already do. Make it an inclusive offering to know your strengths in the organisation. Build inclusion around the strengths language and embed the culture where everyone is valued for what they love to do.


Your people can all sign up to our monthly webinars to support their strengths actions.


For educators

It’s a fresh and light approach to strengths, so it’s an ideal way to introduce your students and stakeholders to the benefits and application within careers. Try starting with a couple of pilot groups of students and those who would be embedding the learning. It’s great to upskill tutors on strengths too so they can have more empowering conversations. Review our training and resource packages so you can help students get more meaning from their results. Connect their results with a confident narrative for job applications and interviews.


Once you get familiar with the approach, you may want to consider using the Introductory Profiles. They support deeper, reflective insights and more meaningful applications of strengths to support students with the right career opportunities. All new educators can sign up for a Strengthen Your Students package with 30 Introductory Profiles to try the upgraded Profiles here.


If you’re already using SP as an educator, you can use this alongside your existing strengths offering. We want every student to know their strengths (as I am sure you do), so use it to make strengths an inclusive offering within your university to all students. Try running larger scale workshops or offer online materials to support their insights where they can apply it to job applications and boost their confidence in interviews. Get more staff involved in strengths conversations. Use our Best SELF resources or get students to sign up to our monthly webinars to help them learn more about taking action with their strengths.


Please note we are working on you being able to bulk upgrade students and send out the Free Starter Profile via a shareable code, which will be available in Autumn 2021.


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