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The Master Programme

Can anyone sign up to the Master Programme?
The Master Programme is for Level 2 Accredited Practitioners who have already completed this training. You can buy a package to include both the Level 2 and 3 Accreditation together.

What will I get by attending the Programme?
Please see our website for further information

Does the Programme come with the existing Toolkits on your website?
Yes, the training supports your further use of these Toolkits and application of strengths following the Programme.

Will I get a discount if I already own one or all of the Toolkits?
The Programme price does not take into affect the cost of the Toolkits. These are included to support your learning post programme. Therefore, we are not able to offer a discount if you have already purchased one or more Toolkits.  Perhaps you can transfer on to a friend or colleague to use. 

How will the live Master accreditation work?
You will join other delegates from the programme to debrief a demo Team Profile and Team workshop. You can select available dates on the Master platform to suit you. 

How will I access the discount?
Following successful completion of the Master programme, the 15% discount will automatically be applied in the basket.

Who accredits the Programme?
As per the Level 2 Accreditation, Cappfinity are the strengths experts, developers and owners of the Strengths Profile tool and we have a robust technical manual to support the reliability and validity of the tool. The tool is not accredited with a third party, as there are no professional bodies with expertise in strengths to be able to accredit the tool. Established expertise for assessment accreditation, such as with the British Psychological Society, relates to cognitive assessment or personality assessment. Strengths assessment is neither of these. Cappfinity have designed and deliver our own Accredited Strengths Practitioner programmes, which have been ongoing for the last 12 years. We have approaching 3,000 accredited Strengths Practitioners who have been through our accreditation programmes.



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