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Send Profiles for others to complete an assessment and create Team & Manager Profiles

How do I create a Manager Profile?

Only to be used in groups and with completed Introductory or Expert Profiles for each team member

To create a Manager profile you must first navigate to the dashboard (Once logged in). In the dashboard you will see on the left side menu The Four People (Groups), search through your groups to find the group you require. Alternatively if you're creating a Manager profile for a new user set please create group. At the top you will see your current balance, this area will tell you whether or not you have existing Manager Profiles in this specific group. If you have none you can use the Manage your uses button to transfer profiles across to this group. Once in the group page if you have no members, you will need to add members by clicking the add members button and inviting the users via our invitation wizard. Once you have members, on the left side of the table you will see a checkbox (Square), which once clicked will display a tick. After 3 users with complete profiles has been selected (ticked) the Create a Team Manager Profile button will display in the right hand side of the legend (Circular Buttons), once clicked this will run through the Manager Profile creation wizard.


  • Log into your account (If not already logged in)
  • Click your name in the top right hand corner
  • Click on "Dashboard"
  • Click The Four People (Groups) from the left hand menu
  • Search for your group, on the right hand side under Action column click View
  • Select the box's on the left side of the table to select users you want in the report
  • The button will appear in a red colour and once hovered will state 'Create a Team Manager Profile', click the button
  • Run through the Wizard


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